Office 2019 for Windows and Mac Is Now Available

  • NIC-CERT/2018-09/179
  • Date: 2018-09-24

1. Office 2019 for Windows and Mac Is Now Available

Microsoft today announced the Office 2019 productivity suite for commercial customers and you can now try the update on your Windows and Mac device. The new version of Office comes with several features that have been previously released on Office 365.

The Office 2019 update includes new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Project, and OneNote for Windows 10 app. OneNote for Windows 10 is now the default app in the new Office productivity suite but OneNote 2016 is still available as a standalone app.


2.New Malware Combines Ransomware, Coin Mining and Botnet

Windows and Linux users need to beware, as an all-in-one, destructive malware strain has been discovered in the wild that features multiple malware capabilities including ransomware, cryptocurrency miner, botnet, and self-propagating worm targeting Linux and Windows systems.

Dubbed XBash, the new malware, believed to be tied to the Iron Group, a.k.a. Rocke—the Chinese speaking APT threat actors group known for previous cyber-attacks involving ransomware and cryptocurrency miners.


3. New Mozilla Firefox Attack Causes Desktop Version to Crash

A new attack has been created that can crash or freeze the Mozilla Firefox desktop browser simply by visiting a web page that contains an embedded JavaScript script.

This attack was created by a security researcher at Wire, who has been releasing denial-of-service attacks that cause popular web browsers to crash or freeze.


4. Fake Invoice Emails Delivering New Trickbot Variant

Trickbot are continuing with their malware spreading campaigns using Office Macros, particularly Excel spreadsheets with macros. Today’s example is an email pretending to be an invoice for nearly £35,000 containing the subject of “FW: Invoice #3989021 ” pretending to come from Intuit but actually coming from “” which is a look-a-like, typo-squatted or other domain that can easily be misidentified, mistaken or confused with the genuine site, with a malicious Excel spreadsheet attachment is the latest spoof of a well-known company, bank or public authority delivering Trickbot banking Trojan.


5. Job Offers on Freelance Site Distributing Malware

Attackers are using freelance job sites such as fiverr and Freelancer to distribute malware disguised as job offers. These job offers contain attachments that pretends to be the job brief, but are actually installers for key loggers such as Agent Tesla or Remote Access Trojan (RATs).


6. Compromised WordPress Sites Redirect to Tech Support Scams

Thousands of WordPress websites have been compromised and injected with JavaScript code that redirects users to tech-support scam pages.

Security researchers discovered that the attacks began in early September and exploited vulnerabilities in outdated plugins.